Church Projects

The following are the series of Ministerial Projects and Programmes the Church has set forth to pursue in the years 2017 – 2040.

The Church, with guidance and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who strengthens and leads us in all that we do, will embark on these programmes or targets because Jesus Christ, the Savior and Captain of our Salvation, who died on our behalf has commanded and given Us this mandate concerning the many people who continue to wander in darkness about the knowledge and the Saving Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the only Son of God and the only Saviour of Man from destruction!

It is our Mandate therefore, as Ambassadors of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven to send “the Light and the Knowledge of the Salvation” of Jesus Christ to all; who still do not know Him nor have personal relationship with Him as being the Savior of mankind. Hence, the need to Build and create Churches in all the under-listed Countries and places so that we meet there to:

  1. Worship the only Living God the father, the Creator and Owner of the universe?
  2. To teach what Jesus Christ, the Saviour has commanded us in:
    • God’s original plan for creating Man on Earth.
    • Who actually Jesus is and why He came on Earth?
    • Why Jesus died prematurely?
    • And why Man can’t live a perfect or satisfactory life without Him?
    • Why He is the only way to God the father, the creator and owner of the universe
    • Why will Jesus come back to Earth again and will He come at all?
    • Will the judgement day of God against Man really come and why?
    • Is Heaven really our eternal home and does it exist at all?
    • And if it exists, who can be there and who can’t and why?

Our Ministerial Projects and Programmes

We would like to construct for Worship and Church meetings:

  1. 20 Church buildings of 4,000 minimum capacity each,
  2. 10 Church buildings of 3,000 maximum capacity each
  3. 20 Church buildings of 2,000 maximum capacity each
  4. 20 Church buildings of 1,000 maximum capacity each and

All together totaling (70 Church Buildings) including Official Pastoral Offices and Residents in: GHANA, BENIN, TOGO, NIGERIA and in the diaspora…

For easy transporting of members to church and back, we will acquire the following Buses /Cars for the Church so as to help members and non members who don’t own cars but live afar to come to Church and back home easily

  1. 30 Seater Bus – 50 Vehicles
  2. 16 Seater Mini Bus – 50 Vehicles
  3. 9 Seater – 50 Vehicles

In order to reach many people as possible, in the comfort of their Cars, homes or wherever they find themselves with the “Word of Grace and of Salvation” from Our Lord Jesus Christ, 5 FM Radio Studios and 10 TV Studios shall be set up for this purpose winch will run 24 hours a day 7 days a week on the air waves!

As Jesus, the Chief and Good Shepherd and the owner of the Ministerial work commanded us to teach all who accept His words and are baptized, the Church aims to start two (2) Pastoral Training Schools in Africa and in the diaspora that all whom the Lord will call to ministry will go through for Pastoral Training. This is because, he who is without knowledge can’t teach others, and to be able to teach others, one must be taught first!

At least 10 sets of Orchestral and a number of normal Church Choir/Singing Group musical Instruments shall be acquired across all our worship places for music in praising of God Almighty Who has commanded us to enter His gate with thanksgiving and unto His court with praise!

For the period 2017 – 2040, it’s our aim and target to train up to 30,000 Pastors to pastor and cater for all the Churches we plant or establish across all Africa and in the diaspora. By this, the Church will be able to feed the Members with the daily solid food of the word of God which is our guide, a lamp unto our feet and the light on our path!

As the Bible teaches us to seek the good of where we live, and in fulfilment of our Social obligation to whom, the Church presents the “Word of Hope and of Salvation” from the Lord Jesus Christ, we shall under take the following Social Projects and Interventions where applicable (Developing Countries) for the Society or the Local People. The Projects include:

  1. Church Buildings where the people will worship God!
  2. Building Hospitals and Clinics facilities for health delivery.
  3. School buildings and structures and accessories for formal educations
  4. Orphanages homes where Orphans in the locality shall be properly cared for.
  5. Rehabilitation and Training Centers for the Homeless, Street Children and the destitute.
  6. Water projects for provision of portable water for the people and in so doing to check water born diseases prevailing among them.
  7. Scholarships shall be awarded to needy school going age children whose Parents and Guardians might be finding it tough enough to either take them to school or keep them in school.

In order to evangelize in our targeted areas and all places where the Lord Jesus will lead Us, including Africa and in the diaspora. Modern and High Standard Equipment for “Open Air and In-door Crusades” shall be acquired for our National and International Crusades

Where applicable (Developing Countries), Health Service delivery, Food and Used Clothing distribution will be part and parcel of our Crusades. Therefore, a team of Full Time Professional Doctors will be part of our Crusade Team wherever we go for the benefit of the local people…

We will have a planned programme which will assist us from time-to-time pay visits to our brothers and sisters at the area Hospitals and Prisons to:

  1. Talk to them and encourage them.
  2. Pray with them
  3. Donate to help their physical and social needs and up keeping!